Jonah Building

Location: Cheyenne, WY 

Year completed: 1995

project size: 120,000 sf

The original 1995 project incorporated the renovation of an existing 120,000 sf K-Mart facility into a well-functioning, highly-efficient office building.  This renovation included the exterior and site design, as well as interior space which included open offices, a cafeteria, several office suites, and an exercise room with separate locker rooms.

Social Security Administration

Throughout the years NGA has completed several tenant finish projects, with the most recent being for the Social Security Administration in 2011.  This project included following specific design guidelines as set by the GSA while maintaining the unique programming needs of the SSA.  This project was completed successfully, and within the time requirements and within budget.


In 2007, the firm of Noel Griffith, Jr. & Associates was asked to remodel an existing 25,200sf office space for a new Allstate Insurance customer service call center re-locating to Cheyenne.  Project restrictions included numerous Allstate guidelines and requirements, as well as constraints of the existing space.  The open office space was remodeled to include a new entryway, several “huddle rooms”, offices, training facilities, as well as a large employee break and dining area.