Cheyenne Waste Transfer Station

Location: Cheyenne, WY 

Year completed: 2015

Project cost: $9.98 M

In 1985, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects (NGA) was the project architect for the original construction of the 19,100 SF Cheyenne Solid Waste Transfer Station.  In 2010, NGA was given the opportunity to design the 8,700 SF addition for the facility when they expanded their operations to include a recycling division.  This addition was coordinated with the existing structural system, including the foundation.  The addition also included a solar wall; this solar wall collects heat and utilizes it in the mechanical systems in the addition.

The 2017 Transfer Station Addition/Renovation project more than doubled the size and capacity of the City’s solid waste transfer facility, added a vehicle maintenance shop, additional administration and crew areas, as well as a renovation of a portion of the existing building’s administration and support spaces.  The Transfer Station and Administration Project consisted of a 27,100 SF renovation and 29,400 SF addition, and was completed within budget at $9.95 million construction cost.