Location: Cheyenne, WY 

Year completed: 2015

Construction manager:  AP Wyoming

Project cost: $6.7 M

PROJECT SIZE: 23,350 sf

Originally built in 1976, Cheyenne’s Municipal Pool was ready for an update to address several of its deficiencies, as well as improve the community’s water experience there.

Largely funded by the 6th Penny, this community project—consisting of a 15,850 sq ft renovation and 7,500 sq ft addition—was a joint venture with BRS Architects, completed under a CMAR delivery method with AP of Wyoming.

We began by evaluating the existing building conditions and operation, then prioritizing in terms of need. In addition to maximizing water space, we focused on improving the restroom and locker facilities; daylighting; ADA compliance; mechanical systems; maintenance issues; and water quality.