Bloedorn Lumber Corporate Headquarters

Location: Torrington, WY 

Year completed: 2013

Project cost: $1.7 M

This project involved transforming an existing building in the heart of downtown Torrington into a fully functional Corporate Office.  Originally built in the early 1970s as a bakery, the building has undergone several alterations over the years. Most recently the building functioned as a financial institution.

Due to the buildings age, a new mechanical system was incorporated into this renovation, as well as updating the existing electrical system to be sufficient enough to handle the new IT demands, as this was to be the new corporate office.

Careful consideration went into the architectural design of this building so that the surrounding architecture would be respected while the downtown area would be enriched and re-energized by this renovation of such extreme nature.

This space was completely transformed.  A new main entry not only enhanced the building, but also included an elevator to allow the full use of the basement.  The basement itself was a tremendous undertaking, as the existing floor was removed and replaced 14” below its previous location to provide the proper ceiling height so that this entire level could be utilized for public space.

The new space incorporated, private offices as well as an open-office plan, a conference room, formal board room, large training room, break room, mail room, copy room, and file storage area.  The architectural services also included interior design services where all new furniture for the entire facility was purchased, as well as custom local artwork.